I have always been inspired by what photography brings to the world. Pictures can tell stories, relive memories and time stamp history. Since 1816, when the first camera was invented, we have been exploring our world and worlds around us, the universe and the elements we exist of.  Photographers around the world has been working non-stop over the years to capture the beauty of nature, the human race, and the ends of the galaxy we cannot reach. We see far more through a lens than through our own eyes. This is what I strive for, not to do photography because everybody does it, but to redefine the way we see the world around us. To redefine; Photography.



In short…

A young and passionate leader who is striving to build his career to the best of his potential.

This is me…

A fast and easy learner who does not back down from any challenge and who thoroughly believes that hard work pays off.

I have a huge passion for photography and take every client seriously. I strive to be professional at all times while at the same time, building and maintaining great relationships with different communities. I am constantly teaching myself and trying out new methods, tips and tricks on everything that has to do with photography.

I try to make every photoshoot something fun, and something to remember. And once I have completed a shoot, no matter what it is, I want it to be remembered.

I don`t want to do photography like all the other professional photographers, I want to add something different and unique to it.

I want all the images to be able to tell a story just by looking at it. This is my taste of photography, and I call it; Refined Photography.

And a little something about my working history…

I have been given the opportunity to be promoted to a managing position in only a matter of 1 year of experience in the IT and Marketing industry, due to my passion and drive for success and leadership. I have managed a marketing department with my previous Managing Director and I was responsible for all the marketing strategies, plans and analytics. I have previously studied for a Java SE6 and 7 Professional Development certificate from Oracle to become a qualified professional software developer. I am flexible and willing to learn to constantly learn and improve myself in the IT field.

I started off at Pinnacle Africa, one of the leading IT distributors in Cape Town, South Africa. In my journey there I was a IT technician and working hard to get to understand the IT industry and all the pro`s and con`s that go with it.

After Pinnacle, I moved over to working for Syntech, the leading IT distributor for innovative technology in South Africa with national branches. There I was working with the marketing team, driving innovation into South Africa and adding value to the everyday products we as consumers buy.

After Syntech, I decided to take a step backwards. I went on to working for my father. He has his own company called iThemba, and he specializes in painting and waterproofing. I decided to go work there to learn how to work with my hands, and how to become handy.

I always wanted to learn how to be able to fix things, build and work with them. With my father, I learned how to be that “handy-man” and he taught me everything regarding this field, including cars. I don`t want to sound cheesy, but hey; It`s nice being able to fix something yourself.

But that’s not all, he taught me the basics principles of what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to run your own business. I learned how to work with clients, how to deal with “bad months”, how to recover from a mistake, but most importantly, how to grow and succeed with patience.

After iThemba, I went on to working for a well-known entrepreneur in Cape Town at Innovo Networks. There I became the Marketing Manager within only 1 year of working there. And what a joy ride that was. Here is where the big stuff happened.

At Innovo, I was responsible for attending networking events, presenting at corporate events, and even attending, managing and participating at business expo`s. I journeyed on this path to grow myself as a person and to learn what being an entrepreneur means.

It was a constant fight going up and down, but eventually it all payed off and everything started to fall in place. It was not long before the MD of Innovo and myself started another business named Alvarita, where I was the Co-Founder and also the Marketing Manager for the company.

Together, we introduced the GreenTest Nitrate Tester to South Africa. A small, portable and innovative little device that test for nitrates in fruits, vegetables, meat, TDS in water and background radiation. We drove this new technology in South Africa to create a solution for cancer and prevent nitrate intake.

So, I went from being a IT Technician, a Marketing Assistant, a Personal Assistant and Handy Man, a Marketing Manager and a Co-Founder, to being a professional full-time photographer. Who would`ve guessed that? Now that`s a story you can go tell your friends!